What Damages Should You Pursue in a Personal Injury Claim?

What Damages Should You Pursue in a Personal Injury Claim?

If you sustained a serious injury because of someone else’s negligence, you have probably had to deal with a lot of considerable expenses. The best course of action may be to pursue compensation for your expenses. You may be able to seek some additional damages. Here are a few examples of expenses that you may be able to recover by initiating a personal injury claim.

Lost Wages

An injury that prevents you from working is probably going to put a serious dent in your available income. If an injury is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, the program usually only pays a percentage of people’s lost wages. Personal injury specialists Long Beach CA can help you assess your total lost wages. Bear in mind that you may need to make a claim for your future lost wages as well if your injury will keep you out of work for an extended period of time.

Medical Expenses

Typically, medical expenses are one of the biggest costs that personal injury plaintiffs incur. Even people who have insurance may have exorbitant costs after getting emergency treatment. Also, the cost of ongoing care may be considerable. Bills for things such as imaging, prescription medications, and physical therapy are often simply unaffordable and can cause people to accumulate significant debt.

Pain and Suffering

The physical discomfort and emotional upset that an injury causes you to experience may entitle you to damages for your pain and suffering. The amount that you can recover for pain and suffering will depend on the severity of an injury, how long it causes you pain, and the physical and emotional burden involved in treating it.

Every accident victim’s situation is unique. When you choose how much to pursue in damages, it should reflect your individual circumstances rather than simply what you estimate a specific type of injury to be worth.