Three Reasons to Consider Working with an Accident Attorney

Three Reasons to Consider Working with an Accident Attorney

The clock is ticking from the second you are injured in an accident, and evidence is disappearing before you may have a chance to collect it. On top of that, the insurance company is already working hard to settle for the lowest possible amount if they feel your case is strong. Now is the time to get an accident attorney on your side to begin preparing your case. These are a few reasons to be working with a dallas personal injury lawyer.

Having Familiarity with Similar Claims

If you try to defend yourself when you were injured by another person, hopefully, you have decades of law experience to assist you in making decisions along the way. Most people do not, so instead of fighting with the insurance company, they let the personal injury lawyer take care of the details. The accident lawyer has extensive knowledge of the laws, even when they change from year to year. Another thing your accident attorney has is a good understanding on what type of antics the insurance company will use to try and get you to settle for far less than you are entitled to. By falling back on prior case histories, your lawyer can use that information to get a favorable result in your case.

Zero Risk to Hiring an Attorney

Many people get concerned at the thought of hiring a personal injury lawyer because they fear they are going to have to pay a huge portion of the settlement in legal fees. The thinking here is without an attorney you won’t win anything, so the risk is only when you try to deal with the insurance company alone. There really is no risk in hiring a personal injury lawyer, you have everything to gain. The accident attorney will be working on a contingency fee basis, which means that you are not going to owe them anything if they don’t win the case for you. Knowing they are going to do everything in their power to settle in your favor should help ease this concern.

Countless Hours of Research You Don’t Worry About

If you decided that you were going to try and defend yourself and fight to win a settlement against the insurance company, get ready for countless hours of work. First, you need to be able to locate and request all your medical records to start building the case. Then you’ll be down at the police station getting their reports, and all details of the accident. Last, you will need to be on the phone all the time with the insurance company. Your accident attorney understands how to handle all the complexities involved with collected records, filing papers, and dealing with the frustrations that come with the insurance company. Your personal injury attorney understands all the complexities of these type cases and has resources and manpower at the law firm at the ready to help. When you want to win the largest cash settlement, you simply cannot leave anything to chance.