Reasons Why Personal Injury Attorneys Wont Take On Your Case in Barrie

Reasons Why Personal Injury Attorneys Wont Take On Your Case in Barrie

People sometimes wonder why a personal injury attorney will choose not to accept a case. After sustaining injuries, some people mistakenly assume that they have a solid case, but find it difficult to find a lawyer who will take the case. If you wish to know why some Barrie law firms will not accept some cases, then you can continue reading this article that presents an overview of the issue.

  1. How The Event/Accident Actually Occurred

One of the initial considerations made by any personal injury lawyer is how the event occurred (how it actually happened). To hold another party financially accountable, then the burden of proof lies in the ability to prove that they breached a legal duty.

To have a viable injury claim, the victim must be capable of proving that he or she sustained injuries due to the fault of the other party. Therefore, if you partly contributed to the accident, then some Barrie law firms might actually decline to take on your case.

  1. The Injuries Sustained Are Not Serious Enough

In cases involving personal injury, lawyers will want to know how badly you’re hurt. Therefore, if the injuries are not serious or are just minor, it is likely that potential personal injury lawyers will pass on the case, as the monetary compensation will likely be minimal.

In addition, the costs that will be incurred to develop a testimony proving your injuries must be considered in the analysis, as well. If the costs of expected dispositions are well above the returns of a specific case, then an attorney might just turn down the case.

  1. The Economics of Pursuing A Case

A personal injury lawyer or Barrie law firms often take on cases on the basis of a contingency fee, thereby requiring the legal expert to make a judgment on every case he or she agrees to pursue. Some additional aspects factored into the judgment include things like the costs that will be incurred by the lawyer, the amount of time that will likely be spent on the case, and the fee expected.

Yet another situation, which might prove difficult, is an instance when a victim has sustained substantial injuries as well as major hospital obligations in the form of treatment costs. As a result, when the available medical insurance coverage cannot sufficiently cater for the damages and the hospital is likely to receive more money awarded for the case, then some lawyers might shy away from handling the personal injury case.

  1. You Have Consulted Many Lawyers

We believe that personal injury victims must select the right lawyer to handle their cases. This includes ensuring the layer chosen has proven expertise in the specific subject area and they are an excellent match, especially if they’ve handled cases similar to yours. Nevertheless, some lawyers turn down potential clients if they suspect the victims are selecting attorneys based on feedback received with regard to the value of a case. Note that it is virtually impossible for any attorney to specify the value of your case before he or she knows the facts, including the available insurance coverage. As a victim, you should be very wary of lawyers who place a value on your claim immediately after the initial consultation.

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