Family Law: A Quick Overview

It is common for families to have disputes. Family law practice helps people resolve these issues. It aims to achieve safe and workable care arrangements for children. Aside from legal advice, family law provides duty services and family dispute resolution. Assisting minors is also provided by family law. Case representation in commonwealth family law matters

3 Benefits of Collaborative Divorces

In the movies and oftentimes in real life, divorces turn into heated courtroom arguments that leave both parties feeling cheated. As an alternative to each hiring their own lawyer, separating couples may agree to a collaborative divorce. In this type of separation, the two parties work together to reach a settlement that both feel is

Your Guide to Dishonesty Bonds

Unlike a fidelity bond to protect your employee benefit plan, a dishonesty bond protects you from employee theft. For instance, you can file a claim if an employee embezzles money. Since employee theft is common, it is a good idea to have this type of bond. What Will the Bond Cost? The cost of your bond

What Can a Legal Consultation Tell You?

Understanding when you have a claim to move forward is the first step in any civil case, but many people don’t understand when they have a claim for damages. Legal consultations are the tool the industry has developed for this contingency, and it’s a good idea to get one when you’re facing any situation with

Can a Business Declare Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a term that defines the degraded financial status of an organization or a business. When a firm is unable to pay the financial obligations of the company or is not able to pay its creditors, then the company files a petition in which all the outstanding assets and liabilities of a person are