Defense for Drug Possession

Being indicted for a crime can be quite stressful for you and your family. Sometimes, the arrest may be for an innocent reason, such as possession of controlled substances prescribed by your physician. So one day, you decide to take one pill from the bottle and put it in your pocket to consume later in the day.

Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are so convenient to use. Besides being affordable and cheap to maintain, many people have embraced the idea of using motorcycles as a way of easily accessing some of the most remote areas. No matter how well-trained you are at motorcycle riding, a few incidences of motorcycle accidents are sometimes inevitable, prompting you to

Why You May Need an E2 Visa Lawyer

The process of obtaining a visa into the United States is incredibly complicated. It’s also important for anyone interested in traveling to or moving to the United States from a foreign country. Of course, not all two visas are alike, with there being several different types of visas, including the E2 Visa. What is an E2 Visa?

Qualities of a Good Criminal Lawyer

Criminal cases are known to involve many complications, especially when it gets to the point of administration of justice. In the unfortunate event that you get involved in a criminal case, it is always important to seek the services of a criminal lawyer. One major benefit of hiring a criminal attorney is that most of

3 Facts about Family Law

Family law encompasses all legal proceedings involving families and other domestic relationships. This can include divorces, custody disputes and restraining orders. Here are three facts about family law. Legal Grounds for Divorce The legal grounds for divorce can be either fault or no-fault, but the type varies by state. Fault-based divorce involves issues such as