5 Useful Tips to Avoid Drink Driving

5 Useful Tips to Avoid Drink Driving

Driving while drinking is not at all advisable. The moment you drive drunk along with putting your life as well as those of the passengers at risk you will also at the same time put other drivers in harm’s way. In fact, driving is one such activity which needs a good level of concentration. As opposed to the popular opinion and belief, cold showers, exercising and coffee does not make an individual sober. It is time that can make an individual sober. The slightest buzz symbol can impair the driving skills of a person. The truth is even if you sip one drink of beer or any other alcoholic beverage your driving ability will be impaired. Not only this there will also be a loss of judgement. To add to it the response time will slow down as well. To help you stay safe and protected below are 5 useful tips to avoid drink driving.

·    Impairment does not result from the kind of alcohol that you consume but by the total number of drinks that you take over a period. Hence it is advisable that you stop drinking alcohol some hours prior to heading home.

·    With different ridesharing applications like Lyft, Uber and Ola around, you should not risk your life and drive around when you are under the influence. You can use such ridesharing applications easily for hailing cabs from your mobile phones. When it comes to payment you can do it online or even take the help of a bus or a train. Such choices are affordable, easy and convenient to get home.

·    If you are attending a big event and plan to let your hair loose as well as drink like a fish, then consider staying back in a nearby hotel or consider sleeping over. Learning that you will not require travelling back home after drinking automatically will keep you at ease and thereby allow you in enjoying the party without worries. Hence if you wish in avoiding a DWI or a DUI consider booking a room in a hotel beforehand.

·    When you plan to attend a party, which serves alcoholic beverages and drinks consider in having a designated, reliable driver ready beforehand. In fact, the responsibility of driving must be taken care of by a trustworthy person that does not drink and most importantly must possess a valid license.

·    Never ever drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Always eat food when you drink because it is the proper intake of food that will help in absorbing the alcohol better. It is advisable in consuming a hearty meal prior to starting the drinking session. People after all tend in drinking less when the stomach is full.

The need of the hour is to play it smart especially during holidays and weekends. Whenever you plan in partying away from home ensure in appointing a designated driver. Do not sit behind the wheels while you are intoxicated as motor car wrecks due to drink driving is one of the leading causes of death. So, beware.

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