3 Ways a Fire Restoration Company Can Help

3 Ways a Fire Restoration Company Can Help

Experiencing a house fire is a traumatic experience for anyone – whether you were present during the fire or not. When your home is destroyed or damaged by fire, it can be a confusing and exhausting time.

Once the flames have been extinguished and the shock wears off, you realize that you are faced with the incredibly difficult task of getting life back on track. This means finding somewhere to stay, replacing items, talking to your insurer, and so much more.

As you are making your to-do list and phone calls, don’t forget to search for fire restoration near me. While it won’t solve every problem, a fire restoration company can provide the following benefits.

Clean Up the Mess

When the fire department comes, they have two main goals: to save lives and to put out the flames. Unfortunately, in order to achieve these goals, they are not able to focus on how their actions might impact your belongings.

There’s no doubt that you’re thankful the fire department showed up and that you and your family are safe. However, it’s hard to look at the aftermath and not be a little emotional – probably even hopeless. How will you ever get everything cleaned up?

The best way to handle this task is to let fire restoration handle it for you. They can sift through the wreckage to determine what’s salvageable and what isn’t.

Restoring the Structure and House System

Many times, the structure of a home sustains some level of damage, either from the fire, the smoke, or the fire department’s spray. A fire restoration company can inspect all structural components, salvage what they can, and replace what needs to be replaced. This includes drywall, paneling, and more.

They’ll also check the home’s systems and replace or repair what’s been damaged. For example, your HVAC system will likely have to be replaced so that it doesn’t blow smoke into the home. Fire restoration will take care of all of this.

Ensure the Home Is Livable

In addition to the processes listed above, fire restoration will take some extra steps to make sure your family can move back into your home. This will include things like deodorizing, reducing VOCs or volatile organic compounds from new materials, and eliminating any health hazards.

One of the best things is that – if you have homeowners insurance and the fire is caused by a covered event – this is all done at no cost to you. And many restoration companies will work directly with your insurer.

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