Why You May Need an E2 Visa Lawyer

Why You May Need an E2 Visa Lawyer

The process of obtaining a visa into the United States is incredibly complicated. It’s also important for anyone interested in traveling to or moving to the United States from a foreign country. Of course, not all two visas are alike, with there being several different types of visas, including the E2 Visa.

What is an E2 Visa?

An E2 Visa is a kind of immigration visa to the United States. It allows you to enter the United States, travel freely, and bring your family, so long as you are working. An E2 Visa specifically states that the work you’re doing is something that you should have invested in. However, there is not a minimum amount that you would have had to invest.

Why Would You Need an E2 Visa Lawyer Los Angeles?

There are numerous reasons why you may need an E2 Visa lawyer. This is, after all, a long and complicated legal process. Lawyers can help you with the paperwork and process of properly applying for an E3 Visa. Furthermore, if you’re having any issues with your visa once you’re already in the United States, your lawyer will be able to assist you as well. This can include overstaying a visa or needing to renew it.

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