The Differences Between A Lawyer & A Notary Public in Calgary

The Differences Between A Lawyer & A Notary Public in Calgary

For purposes of conveyance, you’ll require the services of a real estate lawyer or notary public in Calgary if you need to purchase or sell property. This is an important closing cost you must factor in before you purchase real estate. Below we look at some of the differences between a notary public and a lawyer for your conveyancing needs.

Unlike lawyers, a notary public cannot represent a client in court. In addition, they can’t get involved in litigations. The work of a notary public in Calgary is generally restricted to non-contentious matters, whereby the individuals involved are in a formal agreement. Their work involves notarizing or witnessing signatures on certified documents. Unlike a typical lawyer, a notary can only offer services or legal advice on specific matters. A notary, therefore, cannot provide services for matters involving things like divorce or separation, for example. Instead, they provide services for issues revolving around the drafting of affidavits, notarizing documents, and preparation of wills. A real estate lawyer, on the other hand, can represent clients in and out of the courts.

Even though lawyers generally require more training and education than a typical notary public in Calgary, there is a misconception that notaries offer cheaper services. In most communities where you can choose between notaries and lawyers, the fees is very competitive. While these professionals both offer various legal services, notaries only focus on the non-contentious issues, including estate planning, real estate, and documentation. It is important to note that just like lawyers, notaries carry professional liability.

Yet another difference comes in the fees charged and costs associated with hiring the legal professionals for the services they provide. There’s no standard or fixed cost across the industry; therefore, the fees you are likely to pay for the services provided vary from one office to the next. It certainly pays to find a dependable real estate lawyer or notary public in Calgary.

Most enjoy spending their time advising clients and explain the fine details in documents before signing. A good lawyer will guide you through the process and make sure you know what you are signing. Notary fees are often less than what lawyers charge for their services. The right notary public will always strive to build lasting professional relationships with their clients and will be available for you anytime you need help with notarizing documents or other legal services.

The decision to choose a real estate lawyer or notary public in Calgary boils down to a number of factors, including the complexity of your case, cost, personal relationship, and trust. One sure thing is that just like having a trusted relationship with other professionals, you should find a notary or lawyer that you can call anytime to offer you professional legal services. Before you hire a lawyer or notary public in the area, you need to consider those with a good reputation. The professional should ideally be experienced in the field and for the best outcome, you should hire someone who has previously handled similar cases. If you make the right hiring decision, you will benefit from the solid legal advice you’ll get.

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