Protect Yourself From the Auto Accident “Boogie Man”

Protect Yourself From the Auto Accident “Boogie Man”

Experiencing an auto accident can be frightening. Not only may you have experienced pain, but you may have to deal with damage costs. This can be confusing and you may not feel prepared in this kind of situation. Fortunately, knowing your rights can lessen the stress that comes after.

Speak With an Attorney

An auto or trucking accidents lawyer Houston TX can help you understand your rights and deal with insurance companies, as well as any other complications that may arise. Luckily, many attorneys will provide a free consultation. The attorney will look at your documents and hear your side of the story. Your rights will be explained to you. In addition, you will learn whether you can be compensated for lost wages, medical bills and other expenses.

Understand the Basics of Your Insurance Policy

Insurance policies vary from owner to owner, and while some may cover all medical bills, buy you a new car and even pay for lost wages, others provide only the minimum coverage. It’s important that you understand all of the ins and outs of your coverage.

Most states require drivers to have basic coverage. This insurance pays in the event that you, or someone driving your insured vehicle, injuries or kills someone else in an accident. It also covers damage from an accident, including harm to other vehicles, utility poles or fences. However, these insurance policies typically don’t cover your medical bills or property damage.

Many states also require you to have insurance that will cover your and your passengers’ medical expenses and lost wages in the event you are at fault. Having an attorney can help you understand how much of these expenses your insurance will cover, including whether or not there are caps on the amount the insurance will pay or if the company only pays a percentage.

The process can be even trickier if you aren’t at fault. The other driver’s insurance may only want to cover certain medical bills, refuse to pay lost wages, require you to visit specific doctors and have other stipulations. Professional help can make this process a lot easier and help you get fair compensation by sorting out confusing details.

After an accident, an attorney can help you understand your rights, navigate your insurance and get the care you need. Avoid the stress by taking it step by step and getting the help and knowledge you need about auto accidents.


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