How to Find a Great Attorney

How to Find a Great Attorney

If you are like most people, you have dreaded the day you needed to ask for legal help from an attorney. However, in today’s litigious society, you may have realized the value of working with a legal professional. For example, most business owners have at least some interactions with corporate lawyers, while those who have purchased a home may have worked with a real estate attorney. The question is: How do you find a great attorney?

Define Your Needs

Your first step in finding a great lawyer is to define your needs. Do you need a lawyer for a family, corporate, personal injury, criminal or other matter? Are you looking for general counsel, or do you need help with a specific task or case? Clearly outline why you need a lawyer and whether the legal relationship will be short- or long-term.

Research Local Attorneys

Your next step is research. If you do not have a national or international law issue, you should search for a local law firm, e.g., “community law firm Weymouth MA.” A local attorney understands state and local regulations and has experience with local judges and attorneys. These professionals also have relationships with others in the community. Finally, you will be able to meet with your lawyer in person.

Analyze Their Reputations

As part of your research, you may have asked for referrals, and when you meet with each firm or lawyer, you should ask for and check their references. Also, contact the state bar to ensure their licensing is up to date and in good standing. Conduct an online search for reviews, but look for outstanding complaints. The Better Business Bureau and local chamber of commerce can also be valuable resources.

Discuss Their Experience

Look for attorneys that have extensive experience in the type of law you need. For example, if you are purchasing property for development, you need a real estate lawyer with extensive development experience. If you are adopting a child, you need a family attorney who has worked on multiple adoption cases.

Avoid evaluating your legal help based on their fees. Instead, choose a local attorney with applicable experience who is easy to work with.