How to Communicate With Your Criminal Law Attorney When You’re Scared

How to Communicate With Your Criminal Law Attorney When You’re Scared

When you need a criminal law attorney, you are feeling a lot of emotions. You might be feeling intimidated, frustrated, and are generally upset over something major happening in your life. It feels hard to say the right thing right now. With a criminal law looming over your head, you are probably envisioning a horrifying experience with judges and juries and a completely ruined life. That doesn’t always happen, in fact, it hardly ever does.

In 2018, almost 80,000 Americans were accused of a crime, but only 2 percent of these cases went to trial. Many of these cases pled guilty or got lesser charges, but they did so with the help of a criminal law attorney. The average cost of prosecution in the United States is approximately $254,000. Today’s prosecutors are as motivated to keep you out of court as you are.

You have the Sixth Amendment Constitutional right to have the assistance of counsel for your defense of this problem. Learn how to communicate with your criminal law attorney right here.

Use Quiet Spaces to Talk to a Lawyer

It may sound too obvious, but having a quiet place to talk to a lawyer is important. Many times when criminal defense attorneys are called, people are in crowded rooms, bus stations, or have their phone on speakerphone and the conversation is muddled with background before it even begins. Find a quiet place when you are making this call and any call to a lawyer.

Remember that your attorney wants to help you. What is important to you is important to them. A quiet and calm place to talk without about 20 minutes set aside will help you to really feel that and get the most out of every conversation.

Get to the Point, Every Time

It might be easy for you to realize that your criminal defense attorney wants to help you. That doesn’t mean they want to hear you talk a lot about peanut butter sales if it’s not relevant to your case. They care about you, but they want to get to work for you as soon as possible.

Before you call and find that quiet space, just collect your thoughts as much as you can. Write down basic facts of what you are calling about, what the phone call is about, and what you want to happen at the end of it.

Listen More Than You Talk

Although the Constitution guarantees a speedy trial, that doesn’t mean that you are going to have your problem resolved overnight. Your lawyer works within a system that they know well. You might not.

When you are communicating with a criminal law attorney, listen more than you talk so that they can explain this to you. Pay attention to what they are saying because they are presenting solutions to you whether you realize it or not.

You also want to pay attention to the questions that they are asking. You want a lawyer that is asking a lot of questions. That means they are interested in helping you, and most are.

They Know You’ll Want to Talk Money

When you are calling a lawyer, you are expressing an intent to purchase a service. They know you will ask about money, and they know you want it affordable. Everybody does, even the wealthy do. Ask about alternatives to retainers.

A lot of criminal law attorneys have plans ready for just this question. A good lawyer will help you to avoid a costly trial. Some will offer a flat fee for example, where you pay a sum upfront after they learn about your case, and you never worry about it again. Look around for a lawyer like that, or ask if that is available.

When you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, your life needs a bit of help. That’s what they are there for. Don’t be intimidated. Listen, be calm, and work towards the next step in your problem with an expert.


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