Get an Ex Parte Restraining Order to Save Yourself From Abuse

Get an Ex Parte Restraining Order to Save Yourself From Abuse

Physical abuse is a dangerous problem that destroys many romantic relationships and causes a large amount of heartbreak. However, an ex parte restraining order can help to protect you if you are being abused and find that you need a higher level of protection from a partner as soon as possible.

Physical Abuse Should Not Be Tolerated

When one partner starts abusing the other, physical abuse tends to follow patterns that remain persistent and hard to tolerate, such as how it:

  • Remains consistent as a cycle of behavior
  • Damages both your body and your mind
  • May worsen over time
  • Dehumanizes both you and your partner

Don’t tolerate this abuse for one second longer than necessary. Instead, get an ex parte restraining order to protect your health and even your life.

How an Ex Part Restraining Order May Help

If you are worried about abuse and want to get a restraining order, you’re going to be limited in how quickly it can be provided. Typically, a standard order takes several days or even a week to approve, as it requires presenting evidence to both members of the party and letting them gather evidence to see if it is necessary. By contrast, an ex parte restraining order can be granted much more quickly.

In essence, this type of order will go into effect on the day that they are granted. Usually, they are granted if the judge believes that the person requesting the order is in immediate danger. The judge understands that waiting for the restraining order to come into effect would take too much time and that the individual requesting one could potentially find themselves being injured before it is granted.

As a result, they typically grant this type of order if they see evidence that the individual’s health and life are in danger if the order is not granted. Those requesting these orders must prove that there is a need for this order, including presenting a variety of different evidence types, such as:

  • Eyewitness Testimony – Including multiple people who can testify to the danger of a person’s partner helps to enhance their chance of getting this type of order without any delay.
  • Recordings – If you have any recordings of your partner making threats on your life and body, you can present them to the court to help enhance your chances of getting this restraining order.
  • Police Reports – When there are many reports and incidents that you have reported to the police involving your partner, you can use them as evidence of their potential danger.
  • Other Evidence – Emails, letters, and word-of-mouth threats can all be used in this type of case to provide a more compelling reason to grant an ex parte restraining order for a person’s needs.

Filing one of these orders is done in the same way as a restraining order. However, you need to explicitly state that you want this type of order instead of a standard one. You then fill out a large amount of paperwork that includes your name, the nature of your request, the severity of the excuse, and any other information that is necessary for finishing the paperwork.

The judge of the court will then examine your paperwork and speak with you about your request. They will let you know the extent of the ruling, how much you are protected, and the seriousness of your request. They will then explain any other information that is necessary, request data from you, and may potentially approve your restraining order on the same day as your hearing. It then goes into effect when the other party is delivered the paperwork explaining the order.


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