Famous Clients Continue to Rely on John Branca Attorney

Famous Clients Continue to Rely on John Branca Attorney

Chances are you have seen the interview of John Branca in the video posted by interviewer Kat of Kat Tales TV. If not you owe it to yourself to check out this clip, scarcely 1:20 long, yet completely engaging. Noted blogger, photographer and video journalist Kat intercepts Branca and a companion coming out of an establishment and follows them to their ride, asking probing questions. This was a confluence of celebrities in that Kat focuses on noteworthy individuals and John Branca, the attorney, is perhaps the most famous legal counselor of musicians, athletes and celebrities.

Kat Interviews John

Quite apart from the subject matter, the interview itself is engaging. The beautiful, youthful woman by his side demonstrates clearly that to John Branca age is not a factor in relationships. Throughout the clip, in which Branca, his companion and Kat continue to walk, the attorney is completely at ease and handles the questions asked of him without pause or deflection. A seasoned and fearless interviewer, Kat seems somewhat surprised at the genial nature of the answers and, at the end of the clip, expresses her genuine appreciation. If anything, viewers may be left wishing that Branca and his friend had a longer walk so Kat could have continued speaking to him.

Branca Continues to Support Jackson Legacy

The subject matter of their conversation was recent attempts by purported victims of Michael Jackson to sue his estate for damages. Jackson and Branca had a lengthy relationship, with Jackson serving as Branca’s best man in his first wedding. After the musician’s death, John Branca attorney reemerged to help Jackson’s family shore up his estate and safeguard his publishing and property rights. The recent interview reveals that Branca continues to be a stout defender of Jackson against his accusers and their litigants. While Branca himself will not appear in the courtroom to try the case, his legal acumen will serve as a great value to the defense team.

Famed Clients Rely on Branca

Michael Jackson is far from the only noteworthy client for whom John Branca has served as an attorney. The list of his clientele is a Who’s Who of celebrities and high achievers in a great many fields. From Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to ZZ Top, from Playboy to Walt Disney, Branca has represented hundreds of athletes, musicians, businesses and foreign dignitaries. His well-earned reputation centers around his ability to secure the best royalty rights for artists, settle disputes between parties and advise clients on their most profitable courses of action.

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