Considering a Divorce? The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Considering a Divorce? The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

It’s no secret that parting ways with a spouse can be stressful, challenging and more often than not, there are points of contention. Issues arise such as child custody, spousal support, splitting financial assets, taxes, and many other considerations that are part of a separation.

Working through these topics might be impossible for some couples, and many people seek out a divorce attorney early on in the process. What if there was a better way than dragging each other in the courtroom or having bitter discussions that ultimately make the situation worse? There is a better way: divorce remediation.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Many couples find a better alternative than court battles through hiring a divorce attorney as a neutral mediator who specializes in helping couples work out issues concerning their divorce. This form of alternative dispute resolution for couples who are separated is less stressful, and often quicker and more affordable than a traditional trial.

Mediation gives couples a good place to start negotiations to ensure that both parties reach some type of amicable arrangement that works for everyone involved. A mediator doesn’t make any decisions, and ideally nor will a judge. Mediation allows a neutral facilitator to moderate open conversations, offer legal advice, and provide a voice of reason in the divorce process.

What to Expect from a Divorce Mediator

Divorce mediators are trained to serve as neutral third party in the dispute process. They do not technically serve as either party’s attorney, but work with both clients in forming agreements and terms of their separation. Mediators guide important conversations that are under dispute by the divorcing couple. While keeping drama to a minimum and curbing arguments, a mediator also:

  • Guides discussions about child and spousal support.
  • Clarifies issues and points as being discussed.
  • Talks to clients about how legal experts might view the case.
  • Makes referrals to other experts as needed.
  • Offers realistic alternatives during the process.

These professionals are experienced at keeping things on track and assisting couples with resolving any points of contention without having to rely solely on a judge’s decision in court.

The Vast Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Giving mediation a chance before heading to court gives couples far greater control over their terms and the process of divorce. These sessions are great for couples looking to be fair but who might have trouble communicating. Mediation is wholly confidential and can actually help couples get along much better after the divorce is final.

Because mediation is a process done together, most parties find that they save quite a bit on legal fees overall. However, for divorce mediation to have any chance at success, those involved must be willing to compromise and negotiate on certain terms.

The number of visits to mediation will depend on the severity of any disagreements and how many issues need to be discussed. That being said, a few sessions are typically necessary to gain trust and truly get to the core of what needs to be resolved.

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