Bail Hearings & Impaired Driving: Reasons To Hire A Lawyer in Orangeville

Bail Hearings & Impaired Driving: Reasons To Hire A Lawyer in Orangeville

Do you need help with cases involving a bail hearing or impaired driving in Orangeville? When you’ve just been charged for committing a traffic or criminal offence, then you need to find a lawyer you can trust to handle your case in a professional manner. You can turn to a highly experienced lawyer with the right expertise needed to handle your case. Remember, criminal lawyers will guide you through the process for the best outcome while helping you understand your rights.

Bail Hearing

If you can afford it, then you definitely need to hire a lawyer to bail you out. Most of these lawyers are available to offer emergency assistance to their clients, especially with bail hearings. You simply need to tell your appointed lawyer the criminal charges and that you’re being held for the bail hearing. When the lawyer arrives, it is important that you consult in private prior to the hearing of your bail case. The lawyer you hire to represent you will carefully review the criminal charges as well as the bail plan before he or she can proceed to the hearing. Consequently, you need to be sure to talk to your criminal lawyer about:

  • Any medical or health conditions you might have
  • Your medical and personal history
  • Addictions or mental health conditions you might have
  • Criminal record
  • Other outstanding charges

Remember, the hearing isn’t your trial. However, you will be required to appear before a judge for the determination on whether you will remain in custody or be freed while your case is considered by the courts. The courts also specify the conditions once you’re released or granted bail. Therefore, to maneuver the process, you need a good lawyer by your side.

Why should you hire a lawyer specializing in impaired driving in Orangeville?

It is more critical than you would ever imagine enlisting the services of an impaired driving lawyer when you’re charged with the offence of impaired or drunk driving. The penalties are now more severe than they were several years ago. The first time offenders will now be expected to part with a hefty sum of $1,000 when before, you might get away with just a slap on the wrist.

You Risk Losing Money

However, the $1,000 is only a drop in the ocean, especially for repeat offenders. When you commit the offence a second time, the judge ultimately determines the amount in fines you are supposed to pay. In addition, if you happen to lose your driver’s license, then it will be upon you to take the right courses to get it back. These programs are meant to help you get your licence back. However, enrolling for these programs is a costly affair, as they may cost hundreds of dollars. For this and many more reasons, you should consider engaging a lawyer with experience defending cases involving impaired driving in Orangeville.

Whether you need help with your bail hearing or even a case involving impaired driving in Orangeville, you should quickly identify a highly experienced and skilled lawyer in the area, as this increases your chances of having a better outcome.

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