Avoid These Mistakes When Searching for an Immigration Lawyer

Avoid These Mistakes When Searching for an Immigration Lawyer

Although immigration lawyers are everywhere and they are willing to provide services whenever needed, not all of them could give you what you need. You might end up with someone who will fail you. These are some mistakes to avoid when searching for a lawyer.

Opting for cheap services

Cheap immigration law services are not the best option for you. It is possible for you to end up with someone who will offer mediocre services due to the number of cases handled. You could also have someone who does not specialise in immigration law or circumstances similar to yours. Hence, you will feel disappointed with what you get. Some of these cheap lawyers are looking for ways to attract more clients even if it means lowering the standards of the services given.

Not getting referrals

You need to ask for references from people who have used the services before. If you know someone who is already residing in London as an immigrant, you could ask that person if you also intend to move to the UK soon. The fact that you are receiving referrals means that the services are of top quality; otherwise, that person would not tell you to hire the immigration solicitors in London they worked with before.

Not negotiating the fees

Although you do not want to settle for cheap lawyers, it does not mean you cannot ask for a discount when you find someone whom you feel confident working with. It also helps if you ask for a fixed fee before proceeding with the transaction instead of an estimate; otherwise, you will keep getting unnecessary charges that could easily bump the bill up.

Getting someone who does not speak your language

It helps if you work with a lawyer who speaks English since it is the primary language in the UK, but who also speaks your language. These lawyers provide more expensive services than the others, but they are worth it. You will not worry about miscommunication along the way because you understood the terms as stated in your language.

Not building a relationship

Once you find someone whom you want to work with, it is time to improve your relationship and build trust with each other. You want someone whom you can trust going forward since you are placing your entire future in the hands of that person. Besides, visa processing takes a long time. You want to work with a lawyer who will make it easy for you to make it until the end.

By avoiding these mistakes, you will soon receive a working visa and legally enter the UK. If you have problems with your visa moving forward or you have employment issues, you can seek help from the same lawyer. Since you already established a good relationship, it will be easy for you to keep working together. You can also recommend the lawyer to other people who also aspire to work in the UK.