8 Things to Do Before Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Honolulu

8 Things to Do Before Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Honolulu

If you’ve been in an automobile crash, there are many things to think about: injuries to the occupants, damage to the vehicle and contacting your insurance company. Sometimes things don’t go so smoothly, and you need to hire an attorney. Here are some things to do after a car accident.

What To Do at the Scene

Assuming you can move and get out of your car, there is some information you need to collect at the scene in case you need to contact a car accident lawyer Honolulu HI.

  1. Exchange information with the other driver, especially name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and information on the insurance card.
  2. Get names and contact information of anyone who saw the accident happen
  3. If there is serious damage to either or both vehicles (or more if applicable), contact the police to make a report. This is also true if anyone is injured.
  4. If anyone is injured, request an ambulance. Not only does this make sure people get the care they need, it can also provide important and useful documentation later.
  5. Take pictures of the vehicles that were involved in the accident, and make a note of the kind of car and identifying information, along with any damage. Also, take photos of the area where the accident happened.

What To Do When You Get Home

Once you are home, there are some calls you will need to make and information to gather.

  1. Inform your insurance company about the accident.
  2. If there was severe damage to your vehicle or you suffered serious injuries, have the car towed to a secure location where it can be available to police and insurance inspectors.
  3. Take photos of injuries, especially if you went to the hospital for treatment. Keep track of where you went and who treated you in case you need to file a personal injurylawsuit later.

When To Call an Attorney

If the accident resulted in serious injuries or death, a lawyer can help recover costs and damages. An attorney can help you and your family get your life back together.

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