3 Things Your Should Know About a CDL Traffic Ticket

3 Things Your Should Know About a CDL Traffic Ticket

A commercial driver faces different regulations than a traditional driver. While everyone obeys the basic rules of turns, lights and speeds, the penalties for breaking those laws aren’t always the same, with a CDL driver held to stricter terms. It’s important, therefore, for a truck driver to understand the harm of making a mistake and how to handle the situation when it occurs.

  1. You Cannot Hide the Ticket

Non-commercial drivers are given some leeway when they make mistakes. States often have programs set in place that offer forgiveness for minor errors such as speeding or turning infractions. The office may give a warning. If a citation is provided to a regular driver, some areas offer online or in-person classes that remove the record from the person’s file.

A CDL driver isn’t so lucky. There is no hiding the ticket. Insurance and truck owners are likely to find out about the incident.

  1. There Are Some Heavy Penalties

A speeding ticket isn’t a good thing, especially for a CDL driver. Going over 15 mph could get you in major trouble. If you have several within a year or two, you could lose the right to drive, having your license disqualified.

  1. You Can Fight the Ticket

Sometimes errors are going to happen, and you may want to fight the ticket and penalties that come with it. When this happens, hire a CDL Traffic Attorney who understands your concerns. These authorities can work with the court to establish your case and driving history, possibly removing the ticket and points associated with it.

As a commercial driver, you are held to a higher standard. Punishments are higher, so mistakes cost big time. The best thing you can do is to drive carefully and within limits. When something happens, reach out for help from the professionals. They may be able to assist your case.

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