3 Jobs That Offer Flexible Hours

3 Jobs That Offer Flexible Hours

Working from nine to five isn’t for everyone. Some people may be night owls or need a flexible schedule due to childcare concerns or other needs. Whatever the reason, there are many jobs that can be found that offer both flexible hours and decent pay.

  1. Notary Public

Many documents must be notarized by an approved official. Paperwork associated with marriage, divorce, adoptions, real estate dealings and other documents that need to be witnessed all needs to be handled by a notary. Depending on the state, certain criteria must be met, including age requirements and a background check. Periodically going through a Florida notary renewal course may be required as well. Once someone has become a notary, they can advertise their skills and take clients by appointment.

  1. Consultant

Over the course of their careers, people can acquire a variety of specialized skills. Instead of working for a company directly, people with desirable skillsets may choose to market themselves as consultants instead. They often command impressive rates to impart their knowledge to others or perform highly technical tasks. Depending on the circumstances, consultants can often dictate their hours, rates and level of support offered.

  1. Massage Therapist

Working as a massage therapist can be a great way to earn an income by working flexible hours. While it is possible to get a job working at an establishment with set hours, massage therapists can also choose to work out of their own homes. This can allow them to book clients when it is convenient, set their own rates and not worry about dealing with a commute.

Finding the right flexible job can take time. However, it is important to find a career that is the right fit, as taking an undesirable job simply because it is offered may lead to dissatisfaction. Be creative when figuring out how to leverage existing skills and be open to learning new ones in the pursuit of a dream job.


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