3 Benefits of Collaborative Divorces

3 Benefits of Collaborative Divorces

In the movies and oftentimes in real life, divorces turn into heated courtroom arguments that leave both parties feeling cheated. As an alternative to each hiring their own lawyer, separating couples may agree to a collaborative divorce. In this type of separation, the two parties work together to reach a settlement that both feel is fair. Consider a few benefits of handling a divorce in this manner.

  1. Time May Help

Some couples choose to draft a separation agreement Tampa not as a final decision regarding their divorce, but rather as a temporary outline of how they will live apart. This may allow couples more time and space to work through marital difficulties so that they might be able to eventually live together again.

  1. Minimize Stress

Another big benefit of collaborative divorces is that they are usually less stressful than ones using traditional lawyers. As long as a couple feels they can amicably make decisions regarding the separation of their assets, drafting their own agreement often simplifies things. This reduces the amount of time a couple might have to spend in front of a judge and shortens the entire divorce process. This is often very beneficial for any children involved as children will not be left in limbo or confusion for a long period of time. Additionally, the separated couple will likely be able to better co-parent their children if they can find a way to communicate productively.

  1. Less Costly

Finally, collaborative divorces often end up costing the couple much less money than a divorce using multiple attorneys. Lawyers charge high hourly fees and sometimes this type of divorce can go on for many months.

While separation and divorce are inherently trying situations, this process is much smoother when couples can reach agreements on their own. This makes the separation much less stressful for both the couple and their children.


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