Three Ways Your DUI Attorney Will Fight on Your Behalf

There are many people who simply accept their fate when arrested for DUI, not realizing that they could have gotten a far less charge had they hired a local DUI attorney to carefully analyze all the evidence in the case. Your DUI attorney will be in the best position to not only analyze evidence you may not have access to, they can get the arresting officer on the stand during a hearing to get them to talk about the particulars of this case. That conversation alone could open the doors to uncovering evidence that could break the case wide open in your favor. Don’t risk financial ruin by accepting your fate in these cases, call the best dui attorney greenville sc professional today so they can begin putting the pieces of this case together.

Casting Doubt on the Arresting Methods

If you were to attend the DUI hearing without legal representation, things are going to go bad very fast. Not only are you going up against a judge, you have the arresting officer in the court and the prosecution representing the state. It can be near impossible to try to get either of these three to side with you, especially when the evidence is overwhelmingly against you. Your DUI attorney will poke holes in the case by questioning why certain testing methods were not used, the history of the testing devices, and whether the office did not calibrate the device correctly.

Finding Happy Middle Ground with a DUI Case

Although your DUI attorney has been gathering evidence and trying to build a case around what the officer said at the license hearing, they also are preparing for things to go bad too. Just in case the prosecution presents the case in a way that looks like the judge is about to rule harshly against you, your DUI attorney will have a plea bargain planned to try and get the prosecution to agree to that will either allow you to keep your license for work or to significantly reduce those fines.

Gathering Evidence Not Commonly Discovered

It can be very difficult for you to collect evidence in your DUI case without the help of an attorney. Your lawyer not only has access to things like the police dash camera video and records from the police station concerning your arrest, they can even get the officer on the stand during your license suspension hearing. This informal hearing is a chance your attorney will use to subpoena the officer and get to ask simple questions to use the answers against them in the DUI trial. This is a tactic a civilian could never pull off without decades of law experience.

With the help of the local DUI attorney, you stand a much better chance of not only keeping your driving privilege but not have to pay those costly fines that accompany these cases. Your attorney is working hard. They will work hard so this incident does not have a negative impact on your ability to earn a living moving forward.

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