The Main Causes of Human Trafficking

The Main Causes of Human Trafficking

You should know that human trafficking happens in almost every country but comes in different forms. However, the reasons are almost the same everywhere, including sex, child, labor, and modern-day slavery.

Of course, countries face different reasons and causes, but the roots are similar across the globe. Therefore, you should understand the causes of human trafficking, which will help you understand more about the matter.

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The most significant contributors to human trafficking are poverty. Traffickers target people in poverty, meaning they offer them a way to earn money, while they will not earn anything instead. It can do numerous things, including driving people to become traffickers, drive parents to sell their children into slavery and many more.

You should know that poverty plays a prominent role in other root causes of trafficking, meaning people decide to become educated and migrate while they cannot get a legitimate job. As a result, they turn to people who use them.

2.Lack of Education

Education issues are a perfect ground for decreased chances for living wage and work, while it can lead to a decreased understanding of one’s rights. Both outcomes can cause people to become vulnerable to human trafficking.

Regarding prevention, education can empower children to change their community, especially when they grow older. That can prevent potential vulnerabilities and situations criminals will use to their advantage.

3.High Demand for Cheap Labor and Sex

The basic economy states that the laws of supply and demand should exist for the market to happen. The demands for commercialized sex and cheap labor lead to many opportunities for traffickers to exploit numerous people.

As a result, traffickers can make a considerable profit by producing services and goods through free or cheap labor while selling services and products at a significant price. Commercialized sex is a highly profitable market that allows criminals to become the only ones paid while drug victims keep them hooked on opiates.

4.Lack of Human Rights

Traffickers prey on marginalized groups since they also lack the protection of their families, law enforcement, and society. We can find in most countries groups that lack institutionalized human rights, meaning they are marginalized completely. As a result, that can lead to becoming potential victims.

At the same time, when a country lacks essential regulations and laws regarding human rights, criminals think they can get away with anything with ease. A lack of human rights laws can end up punishing victims since the government and laws will not recognize human trafficking as a form of people exploitation.

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5.Lack of Economic Opportunities

You should know that some people do not have the same economic chances as others, meaning that without them, they are highly vulnerable to trafficking. This is especially true for migrants who work without permits, lack education, and live in rural areas where there are no jobs available.

At the same time, victims can be certain ethnic groups who cannot get jobs due to discrimination. They then enter the scene by giving them legitimate jobs, just an initiation towards bonded or forced labor and sex.

6.Cultural and Social Factors

In numerous countries, social factors and cultural practices are also the common reasons. In some areas, bonded labor is the acceptable option to pay off the debt. In other areas, selling children is the norm, especially for poor people who reside in rural areas.

For instance, in Mauritania, they practice antiquated slavery, meaning specific people are held for generations by their masters. At the same time, in Uzbekistan, forced labor is part of institutions. It means all children and adults should work in the cotton fields during a cotton harvest.

Social and cultural factors can also lead to problems, especially if victims do not wish to speak up about it. You probably understand that these groups of people lack human right protection and education, meaning they do not understand the form of exploitation.

7.Natural Disaster and Conflict

Similarly, as with other issues that may happen, natural disasters and conflicts can lead to economic turmoil, which correlates with a lack of human rights. As a result, traffickers have more space to take advantage of vulnerable groups to handle their situations. For instance, in war zones, military groups and rebels use child soldiers and have sex slaves.

At the same time, natural disasters and conflict can lead people to migrate from their home countries and towns, making them perfect marks to traffickers. This is especially true because they seek work or pay smugglers to get them out of the zone.

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8.It is Profitable

Finally, you should know that one of the biggest causes of human trafficking is its profitability. It is a significant incentive for criminals to continue the process by using sex workers and forced labor.

As a result, they get cheap labor while they can sell products or services at high costs. Regarding prostitution, they can keep all the amount while using violence, drugs, and threats.