How To Handle a DUI Arrest

How To Handle a DUI Arrest

In the evening hours, people may choose to imbibe in a bit of alcohol, especially while socializing with friends. Driving home at this time is risky. Officers are often on the lookout for possible DUI drivers, and they can pull someone over with even the suspicion of something wrong. How you act and what you do when this happens is essential, dictating how a possible case could go. Take care to protect yourself by doing the following four things.

  1. Remain Quiet

Officers are likely scoping out behaviors to determine whether a driver is impaired. Slurred speech and inability to hold a conversation are a concern. Also, as dialogue continues, the authorities check for the scent of alcohol on your breath. It’s best to keep answers polite and short. Avoid answering questions about where you have been and how much you had to drink. These could be used against you. Use your right to remain silent to assist your case.

  1. Avoid Taking On-Field Tests

If you’re asked to take a field sobriety test, decline. Walking a line and pointing to your nose are not clear signs of whether you are over the limit, and they are likely to be used against you. Expect at this point to head to the station. This delay allows your body time to absorb your alcohol; plus, you limit the amount of evidence the cops have.

  1. Call Family for Legal and Financial Aid

While a public defender may be assigned, you may request to have a personal attorney at your side. Use a phone call to contact family members who can seek formal legal aid. They should also look into a place that specializes in bail bonds Allentown PA. If charges are not dropped, a judge is likely to assign bail. Be respectful during the hearing, and allow your attorney to speak for you.

Being arrested for a DUI is nerving. Strive to remain calm and quiet. It’s better to speak with only those close to you, protecting yourself and your case.


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