How Do Iowa Courts Calculate Child Support?

How Do Iowa Courts Calculate Child Support?

Many different factors affect how much parents will have to pay in child support in Iowa. Income, custody, and children’s needs are among the most important things that courts consider when determining payment obligations.


Courts want to minimize any negative impact that a divorce may have on children, so they will consider a family’s standard of living prior to parents’ decision to live separately. Ideally, children should continue to enjoy a comparable standard of living.


Iowa law about child support requires judges to consider both parents’ income. Courts try to avoid entering payment orders that are significantly greater than what parents can reasonably afford. A material change in income may merit review of an existing order. Parents who need help to get child support modifications Boise ID need to go through the courts to do so. Even if both parents agree to a change, it is necessary to get a formal modification because payment obligations are court orders.


Typically, the parent who has custody of children is responsible for taking care of the children most of the time will be the support recipient. Of course, when courts rule on child support, they will take into account how much time a child spends in the care of the parent who pays support in setting the amount. If the custody arrangement changes, parents can petition for a review or modification of a support order.


The court will consider what fundamental and unique expenses a child has. For example, a child with a specific medical condition may. Courts recognize that childcare expenses are likely to change over time. As the cost of basic necessities such as healthcare or education changes, a court may recalculate support.

Ultimately, Idaho courts use formulaic guidelines to determine child support. However, they understand that each family’s situation is different. They will attempt to make orders that promote the best interests of children.


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