Four Ways to Avoid Distracted Driving

Four Ways to Avoid Distracted Driving

Over the decades, distracted driving has remained among the leading causes of road accidents today. Unfortunately, regardless of the many lives that are already lost due to distracted driving, almost all drivers are guilty of distracted driving. Though some of the reasons for distractions when driving are unavoidable, most of them are preventable. Additionally, it is possible to manage those that are unavoidable and be on the road without exposing yourself and others to accident risks. Some of these common distractions are such as texting, calling, attending to children or other issues in the car, or using makeup, among others. Below are ways through which you can help eliminate cases of distracted driving.

Keep Your Phone Away

The phone is the greatest enemy for drivers when they are behind the wheel. In fact, most of the at-fault drivers after a car accident are found with a phone around. Therefore, for you to maintain road safety, have your phone at a distance when driving. You can consider muting all notifications except those which you feel are urgent. Additionally, ask frequent callers not to call you when you are driving or call them back later. Replying to texts should also happen when the engine is off. When your phone is away when driving, you are in a better position to evade numerous accidents.

Make Necessary Preparations Before You Start Driving

In some cases, and more so when you are running out of time, you may opt to finish up what you can in the car. For this reason, you will find drivers using makeup or handling children, among other activities in the car. As much as this may seem like a time-saving method, you are exposing yourself to high risks. Therefore, a Boise car accident lawyer will advise that you make sure everything you need is set before you leave your house or start driving. Secure your children and complete grooming before you start the car. This way, you will be in a better position to concentrate on the road knowing everything is fine.

Eliminate Other Driving Activities

Driving may seem like an easy task that can be done alongside other activities such as eating or reading a GPS, among others. However, such simple distractions are all you need to end you up in a ditch. With this in mind, make sure that the car is off before you continue with other activities such as looking for lost items or changing the radio, among others. A car accident lawyer will have a hard time defending you in court in case an accident happened when you were involved in other simple activities such as changing the car controls or looking for lost items.

Focus On the Road

When you are behind the wheel, your eyes and your mind need to be on the road. Additionally, both your hands should be on the steering wheel. This way, you will be in a position to spot road signs from afar and obey them. On the other hand, you will spot another reckless driver from afar and evade them to avoid an accident. By focusing on the road, you will also be in a better position to notice surrounding hazardous and blind spots, thus slowing your speed.

More often than not, distracted driving is assumed to be about your phone. However, there are many other distracting things you do as a driver that could lead you to an accident. Above are ways to help you stay focused on your driving and get to your destination safely.

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