Find the best service available from the trust and litigation lawyer

Find the best service available from the trust and litigation lawyer

In Danville, as well as throughout the United States, elder abuse is a very common case. Whether they are family members, roommates, or staff of a retirement home, all people who interact with older adults are required to treat them with dignity in accordance with the law. This type of crime is frowned upon socially, so it also carries significant penalties if a person is accused of physical, moral or verbal abuse of an elderly adult. If you, or a family member or acquaintance has been a victim of elder abuse, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer who specializes in the rights of the elderly.

At barr& young attorneys now, there are a professional team of attorneys specializing in the rights of older adults. These professional litigators can guide you in everything related to a legal process in defense of your rights, if you are an older adult who has been abused. An elderly person who has suffered abuse by a third party can legitimately claim financial compensation in court. It will be the duty of their legal representative to convince the jury and the judge that the older adult has been a victim of abuse and should be financially compensated.

Elder abuse is on the rise in Danville

Statistics show that the overall population mean of the state of Danville has been experiencing sustained aging in recent years. Approximately 14% of the population in most Danville counties was over 60 years old. In the coming years, the number of senior citizens is expected to increase. However, faced with this possibility, it is also very likely that cases of elder abuse will increase.

Older adults require a series of special care and attention. However, they rarely get the people around them to give them to them. Whether they are family members or staff trained to care for the elderly, they are always at risk of some kind of abuse. Elder abuse is a growing phenomenon affecting hundreds of thousands of people throughout the state of Danville. For this reason, elder abuse is legally classified as a felony, and people guilty of this crime can be punished with special penalties for affecting a vulnerable population.

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