Family Law: A Quick Overview

Family Law: A Quick Overview

It is common for families to have disputes. Family law practice helps people resolve these issues. It aims to achieve safe and workable care arrangements for children. Aside from legal advice, family law provides duty services and family dispute resolution. Assisting minors is also provided by family law. Case representation in commonwealth family law matters is also some of its provisions. This practice also covers child support matters. A lot of people hire specialist services for various reasons. Some of the most common include the following.

Child support for the carer and paying parents

This specialist service is not part of the Department of Human Services (Child Support) or Centrelink. Confidential independent legal advice is what this service provides. The service will not disclose information about you or your case to others. It will only be possible if you give your permission. The service provides free advice and help to chosen parents. These include those who should be or are receiving financial support for children. Those who pay financial support for children after separation can also avail of the service.

Child care and protection

Parents, children, and all those who have a genuine concern for the welfare of a child can avail of this service. This specialist service provides advice and representation in various cases. Free legal advice is available for those involved in legal matters with the Department of Communities and Justice. Especially those about child welfare.

Domestic and family violence

Adults and children experiencing domestic and family violence can have many legal issues. Family lawyers in Melbourne recognize this and offer free legal advice. Duty services and case representation through grants of legal aid are also under this service. People can also get help with some courts and tribunals. Problems the service can assist with include the following:

  • disputes about children and divorce; division of property;
  • child support;
  • financial problems including paying the mortgage and housing;
  • immigration issues due to domestic and family violence; and
  • family dispute resolution.

Domestic violence unit

This specialist domestic and family violence service consists of lawyers and social workers. They work together to provide legal and social aid to those who experienced domestic and family violence. This unit helps clients understand their legal problems and present them with options. Consulting one of the lawyers or social workers of this unit is free of charge.

Family law early intervention unit

This unit provides free law services in courts and community organizations. It aims to resolve family law issues without having to go through lengthy litigation. The quicker the resolution, the better. People living in rural and remote areas are the special focus of this service. As well as homeless people and Aboriginal communities. This unit also links people to other services. People who need help in applying for legal aid can approach this unit.

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