What Is The Hospital Liability During A Slip And Fall Injury?

What Is The Hospital Liability During A Slip And Fall Injury?

A slip and fall injury can happen quite often in a hospital, which can harm you physically and financially. There are times when this incident may leave you injured to the extent that it calls for hefty medical bills, abrupt stoppage of work, and other activities that create bills.

Such accidents can occur when there is improper maintenance of the hospital environment like an unevenly tiled floor, spilling of liquids on the floor, or even semi-wet freshly mopped floors without warning signs.

It is crucial that in such a case, you take care that things don’t worsen for you, and for that, you need to ensure a proper lawsuit is filed against the hospital to cover your bills and sue them for not maintaining their premises properly.

When can you sue in a hospital slip and fall?

There are specific terms under which professional lawyers help you set up a case against the hospital where the incident took place. It is vital that we report under the California Law if an entity, like a hospital, fails to “use reasonable care.” This is to say that negligence of any kind is not accepted, and the entity can be sued.

The following conditions stand necessary for putting up a case of a liability claim for damages:

  1. The defendant, in this case, the hospital has ownership, lease, occupation, or control of the property where you met with a slip and fall accident.
  2. There has been negligence on the side of the hospital in the use or maintenance of the property.
  3. You, as the patient, were harmed.
  4. The negligence of the hospital played a significant role in the harm suffered by the plaintiff.

Why should you sue?

When you suffer from a slip and fall injury due to a hospital’s negligence, you should not be the one to take massive medical bills for the treatment.

It might hamper work and the subsequent earning while also imposing extra pressure of expenses of a medical treatment that were uncalled for, arising out of an accident you were not even remotely responsible for. It is not just the monetary part that urges such strict action when you slip and fall in the hospital.

It is essential to call out such big entities for their negligence. They not only avoid the responsibility of such things by calling them trivial but also are not accounted for the mental stress and work hindrance that takes place as a result of such accidents.

How do professional lawyers help?

The accidents that take place are a result of the carelessness of the hospital, and you should seek legal action against such activities instead of brushing this aside. You might think it is something trivial when it is not. The one who owns the hospital is responsible for keeping you safe on their premises. They are obligated to do so and can be penalized if need be.

Professional lawyers are helpful in this regard and can establish a strong case for you so as to hold the hospital accountable.

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