Why Collaborative Divorce Is Better than Litigation

Why Collaborative Divorce Is Better than Litigation

Collaborative divorce is where couples opt for a “peaceful” way of ending their marriage. They make their decisions on the premise that a divorce need not be acrimonious and does not need contention. As such, they seek experienced mediators to help them reach amicable solutions through negotiations. Such mediators can help you with collaborative divorce in Boulder.

The path of collaborative divorce is better than litigation- sometimes, it is even a pre-requisite by some courts before they listen to cases. Divorce courts are receiving many cases every day, and handling them becomes challenging. The overwhelming issues cause delays and deny the couples the opportunity of getting a comprehensive hearing.
Besides, divorce litigation comes with very high costs that the already frustrated couples need to shoulder. The adversarial nature of such litigations does not help their state of mind either. Therefore, a peaceful way of obtaining a divorce offers much-needed relief.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Although collaborative divorce may require mutual understanding and faces the challenge of compromise, it remains the better option. Many reasons will make you choose that option over a controversial court battle. Here are some of the benefits that you may derive from the process.

  1.  Peace

Nobody would cherish anything that robs them of peace of mind at any given time. Bitter litigations would always drain peace from you and leave you sore. You deserve peace during and after a divorce since life does not come to an abrupt end.
The children are not a party to the quarrels with your spouse. They deserve love and protection from both of you, with or without a divorce. Collaborative divorce allows you to build this peace for them since you solve your issues amicably and pledge to keep the peace.

  1.  Protects Your from the “Nosy” Public

Once you file your divorce case in court, there is no way it can escape public scrutiny. The mean trolling that follows such exposure can be so stressful, yet it is unnecessary and avoidable. Collaborative divorce experts uphold confidentiality throughout the entire process.

Part of their job is to protect your integrity and keep your matters private. They help shield you from the “nosy” public since they are not parties to the case. If they were not a party to your good times in marriage, then they should not enjoy the luxury of being party to its bad times.

  1.  Saves on Cost

Court litigations can be very costly to the person who files them. The costs involve the following, among others.
• Hiring expensive divorce lawyers
• Charges for filing the case in the court registry
• Regular trips to and from the courts
• The time you would use to engage in other income-generating activities

Both parties in a collaborative divorce agree to share information and reach agreements as soon as possible. The mediating lawyer does not need to use a lot of time in concluding the process. It, therefore, means that you will spend less than you would have spent in a lengthy court process.

  1.  The Collaborative Divorce Process

You and your partner first enroll the services of qualified collaborative divorce lawyers for each party. This professional assistance is crucial in the mediation process. As a requirement, the four of you, each with their lawyer, sign an agreement limiting the lawyers’ involvement in the mediation process. The agreement does not allow the two lawyers to continue representing their clients if the process fails and escalates to litigation.

Most meetings happen separately, where each party discusses the issues with their lawyer. They also hold regular sittings with the other party, and both lawyers present to iron out problems. It is in such meetings that they can decide whether to involve other specialists or not.

The process ends in a mutual agreement that all parties sign. They then present the deal before a family judge to countersign, and the process concludes. Collaborative divorce requires the services of a qualified divorce lawyer who understands the laws in your state. Ensure that you hire the best experts for collaborative divorce in Boulder.

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