Advice for Becoming the Best Criminal Lawyer in Grande Prairie

Advice for Becoming the Best Criminal Lawyer in Grande Prairie

When you think of the best criminal lawyers, thoughts of dramatic TV shows like Boston Legal and Suits come to mind. Or maybe you are more realistic and look up to real famous criminal lawyers who have successfully defended celebrities with odds stacked against them. Well, while it does help to have someone you look up to, it helps to have a practical checklist to guide you. But make no mistake about it. Becoming the best criminal lawyer in Grande Prairie will take time and effort. So let’s get started with the advice.

It’s a hard job

Nothing great comes easy. On some days, it’s impossible to imagine a job more difficult than one of a Grande Prairie criminal lawyer. You will be that person at parties who will dampen everyone’s mood when asked what you do to put food on the table. Things will be made worse when you’re asked to explain how you sleep at night knowing you let a criminal roam free.

You will spend your days cross-examining witnesses who claim had unspeakable acts done to them by your client and other days you will have clients who will entrust you with the job of seeing that they are behind bars – it’s a crazy world.

In addition to society calling to question your morals, from time to time, you’ll have to chase down ungrateful clients who don’t want to make payments, answer calls late in the night and have little time for family. But if you find a way to manage all this, you will learn to love and enjoy the job.

Have a mentor and communicate with him often

There is no way you can pull it off on your own. Criminal law will tug on you from all directions: intellectually, financially, socially, and psychologically. Having a mentor by your side will save you from drowning in the pressure of the job. He will be your lifeline and will provide you with sound advice regarding ethical dilemmas you find yourself in, trial strategies and financial best practices. Behind every great lawyer is another great criminal lawyer in Grand Prairie.

Note: there’s no exception to this rule.

Take care of yourself

Here is the thing – to save lives, you need to ensure you do not turn into a victim. This rings true even for a Grande Prairie criminal lawyer. As a fresh Grand Prairie criminal lawyer, do not make a habit of always putting others above yourself. Some lawyers have the habit of being quick to bail out persons in need of their help despite the circumstances and the costs. While this may be commendable, it is ineffective and unsustainable.

It’s simple. If you push your body too far and refuse to stop even when it’s stretched out too thin, it will shut down and you will fail. Attending to yourself and ensuring you are strong enough to help those in need is nowhere close to being selfish. If anything, it’s the opposite.


With all that said, remember, you set the pace. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in all the craziness. Your clients’ demands are not always as urgent as your brain might be telling you. And lastly, be deliberate and careful with your actions.

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