4 Workplace Accident Cases When An Employee Needs Be Compensated

4 Workplace Accident Cases When An Employee Needs Be Compensated

Workers or laborers play a crucial role in the success of any business. Thus, it’s essential to provide them a safe working environment.

However, accidents are inevitable and can occur anywhere, regardless of all precautions and safety measures. These might lead to severe injuries, and in rare cases — even the death of an individual.

As an employer, if any employee has been injured at the workplace, it’s your responsibility to compensate him/her for the loss. Here’s when an employer needs to reimburse the worker.

When is the worker entitled to compensation and other benefits?

Regarding the Employees’ State Insurance Act, the employee stands to procure the reimbursement that he’s entitled to. This includes both medical as well as financial aid.

Under this act, an employee who has been injured while serving his/her duties during working hours must be compensated. These injuries include:

  1. Permanent Total Disability
  2. Permanent Partial Disability
  3. Temporary Disability
  4. Death

●      Permanent Total Disability

This relates to the workplace injury, where the worker is hurt in a way that he’s no longer able to perform his duties. The injury must be evaluated to permanent damage compelling the worker’s ability to continue with his work in the future.

In this situation, the entitled compensation is rounded up to 60% of the employees’ monthly income — multiplied by the aspect based on worker’s potential earnings in the future. However, considering the age of the injured employee, the total sum of the payable amount can extensively be more.

●      Permanent Partial Disability

When the worker has sustained an injury that affects his/her ability to perform their tasks with the same potential in the future vocation, the employee is entitled to compensation and other privileges.

For the employees enduring permanent partial disablement, the reimbursement is calculated while assessing the nature of injury or damage. Along with this, the workers’ loss of earning ability is also taken into consideration.

●      Temporary Disability

Employees who sustain an injury that leaves them disabled for a brief period, are reimbursed through temporary disability. In this case, the worker is compensated fifty percent of their monthly earned wages. Plus, he is benefited during his entire recovery period.

During a temporary disability, the doctor evaluates the injured worker, determining the mandatory medical leaves. In the meantime, the employee is deemed to go for regular check-ups all the while he claims for the disability.

●      Death

In case of the death of the injured employee, the dependents (usually, the family members) are reimbursed for the loss. The minimum monthly amount paid is Rs. 1200 or a sum total of INR 120000; calculated considering all crucial aspects.

Along with this, a fixed mandate is also granted to the family for the funeral and other rituals.


If the employer and the employee don’t get to a settlement, a professional attorney can assist in leading the case to the legal authorities. However, while looking for an injury lawyer in Kent, WA, you must be mindful of the reliability front.

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